Sunday, August 31, 2014

Russia-Ukraine War Map Batch Two - Russia Reestablishing New Russia

Russia-Ukraine War Map Batch One - The Opening Moves in Crimea

The main question is if Russia intends to a) link up with the areas currently held by the Federation of Novorussiya b) claim all lost territory of the people's republics or c) reclaim all the old New Russia region? Image from the Ukrainian government.

The Russian Federation has invaded Ukraine again.  In the first invasion Russia sought to annex the Crimean Peninsula. Now, Russia is attempting to aid in the establishment of pro-Moscow "people's republics" which would act as unrecognized, mini-Transnistrias designed to keep Ukraine unstable for decades to come.

Live UA Map has a daily collection of maps and geo-located news stories.  The strong point of this website is that one can see the Donetsk People's Republic grow and be practically destroyed only to be rescued by the Russian invasion.

While there are no official maps of what the Federal State of Novorussiya (and therefore Moscow) claim, the official website of the federation feature maps which show all of Russian-speaking Ukraine as part of the republic (with one map oddly showing annexed Crimea) as part of the federation. 


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