Monday, October 01, 2007

Race Returns to Europe

If one tries to do academic research on the various races in Europe one will quickly find out exact numbers are impossible to find for the most part. Most European censuses do not ask for race because the last time Europeans got hung up on race the Nazis killed 11 million people and the Soviets did much worse.

Well, as the Bible says everything old will be new again. Gates of Vienna has a roundup (bias alert!) of the European Union's proposal to start classifying people into races again. The reasoning is that there is racism in Europe so the government must classify people into races so that the "spoils" may be equally divided up. However, as the American experience has shown, people tend to be upset when race "justice" enters the arena. Look for center-right and "far" right parties to exploit this as a European Union attempt to pander to certain groups (i.e. Muslims).

Europe is different than America. While the States have had and do have its racial problems there is still the underlying current that we are all Americans. However, in Europe there is still the attitude that the descendants of immigrants are still guests and not entitled to full Europeaness. Look for much controversy to come from this.

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