Friday, October 05, 2007

Hazlitt: A Gazetteer of the Ancient Classical World

I am a huge fan of the study of the ancient and classical world. Western Civilization owes its very existence because of places like Babylon, Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem. Other places like villages and fields have been the sites were kings have been born and empires won or lost. These locations range from well known to obscure.

But now its possible to understand where these sites our. The Ancient Library has a scanned copy of Hazlitt, The Classical Gazetteer. Hazlitt was written by William Hazlitt in 1851. The gazetteer has "15,000 classical places—famous, obscure and jaw-droppingly obscure. Of the latter, most are absent from the common classical dictionaries."

Although not operation now, Google is expected soon to index the book and thus make it searchable. Now one can select a letter and flip through the pages.

So enjoy and learn facts like the Gabri were a people of Sarmatia near Cissii. Just imagine this with hyperlinks to an encyclopedia!

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