Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hugo Chavez: Protestant Archbishop?

Hat tip to Evangelical Catholicism for this weird story. There is a movement (probably started by Chavez and his agents) to have El Presidente made an Archbishop for a Protestant Church of Venezuela. The church would become the official religion of Venezuela, its dogma would be taught in the schools, and most likely membership would be a great resume booster.

After destroying the constitution, rule of law, and brushing aside all those who oppose them God is the next logical step for a power hungry man.

The group Centro Cristiano de Salvación (Christian Center of Salvation) is allegedly behind the law being pushed by their two leaders Esmelin Lugo and Renato Ramirez. This is where things go from strange to weird. An internet search for the group and its leaders in both English and Spanish has so far revealed nothing besides the group's push for the law. The earliest meantioning of the group is this Spanish article from 2002 saying the same thing as the latest news.

Expect those who seek a quick rise in status to join the group if the law is passed. However, this will drive the Catholic Church solidly into an alliance middle and upper classes. Maybe this will led to similar events like what happened in 1980s Poland, maybe not. Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Disturbing, reminds me of the efforts by various African dictators to be annointed "God" bodies and represenatives, shattering the religious faith of the younger generations. Or just like the Burmese generals who have perverted Buddhism beyond belief.

One consideration I would have for Venezuela is what degree of popular respect the Catholic Church holds among the masses? What similarities does it have with the church in Brazil, Peru, Chile, etc. which have experienced a significant drop in respect and influence because of Cold-War era support of the military juntas and business classes?