Saturday, December 30, 2006

Germany Needs Babies!

Much like France, Germany is in desperate need of children. Germans are not having children and it shows with a negative population rate. So starting on December 1, 2007; women who give birth will receive a $33,300 bonus. Some women are even waiting to give birth until the new year.

No country can just stand aside as its population, its life blood, declines. The Prime Minister of Singapore stated this late last year. For far too long a welfare state mentality has been maintained in Europe. Why have children when they are more of a burden. The state will provide for you. Well, with fewer souls pumping money into the economy and 11.7% of all Germans on unemployment and no need for a job, the system is falling apart. Europe must change or it will fade away and be inherited by someone else.

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Anonymous said...

I remember back in 1995 I was in berlin and there were bizarre advertisements on billboards all over town. One showed a baby with a soccer ball in place of its head and read, "Babies are more fun than sports." Another showed a baby with a puppy head and said, "Babies are better than pets." It was an ad campaign to encourage procreation. I wonder if it had any success.

Anonymous said...

90 million people in a country the size of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio is a lot of people on such a small land area. Immigration is more than making up for the declining birth rate.

Most immigrants to Germany (and to Europe in general) are muslim, and they have lots of babies. So I am not sure why "Germany needs babies."

Catholicgauze said...

A key element which comes up repeatidly in this blog is that there are questions/worries of whether or not immigrants are assimilating into the "native" culture. While there will will always be a population in Germany, will it be German in culture (liberal democracy, freedoms, etc) or will it be a transplant of the Middle East (dark age elements of Sharia, dictatorship).
Also, immigration cannot go on forever. One cannot merely have a country of lower end workers if they seek to have a country as a leader in science, economics, and politics.
The choice is Germany's and the rest of Europe.