Monday, May 22, 2006

Montenegro: The World's (Upcoming) Newest Country

The people of the Republic of Montenegro have voted to break away from the commonwealth-union of Serbia and Montenegro and seek a brighter future as an independent state.

The former Yugoslavia has gone through a lot since 1918, created to reward Serbs for their support of the Allies in World War I, given to the Croats by the Nazis, liberated by a communist partisan who later challenged Stalin, and then Yugoslavia slowly died after the death of Tito.

The series of conflicts known as the Third Balkans War was the last nail in the coffin. The wars were the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War II. First there was the break-up; then there was the bloody fighting in Bosnia, finally the Kosovo conflict (Albanian thugs and Islamists versus Serbian monsters) destroyed Yugoslavia. The once Kingdom of Yugoslavia, then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia turned into Serbia and Montenegro and was allowed to rejoin the United Nations after a suspension for aggressive civil war.

Ethnicity and religion were the causes of the previous breakups (For background about nations in Europe see my earlier post). This break-up is different however. Montenegrins have been traditional close to Serbs and many identify themselves as Serb or both. The reason for this break-up is purely political/economic. Serbia has been jerks to the European Union and has been harboring war criminals. Montenegro wants to be globalized and successful but an isolationist Serbia that mourns a monster is holding it back. The election was close; 55.4% with 55% needed, but it succeeded none the less.

One has to wonder what is next. This is certainly not new for the region. Bosnia has changed boundaries many times and so have the other southern Slavic nations-states. Kosovo is de facto independent and will probably be officially independent soon. Will the ghosts of the past be pleased with the new geographical borders or will the Republika Srpska seek union with Serbia once again? Will Hungarians in northern Vojvodina break off to unite with Hungary? Finally, will the Albanians make grabs for land in Macedonia? Time will tell with the land of southern Slavs can move on into the global era or if they will be stuck in the dark ages for some time more.

Side Note: What would a
post-Lebanon political rally be without a protest babe or two?

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