Saturday, November 01, 2008

Nashi, the Putin Youth, Go off the Deep End

Nashi, the main Russian government funded youth group, wants to wish you a happy Halloween and tell you that it hates America, big time. The group channels their inner-crazy Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney in a movie title the American Show. The movie claims the United States was behind World War I, World War II, the War on Terrorism, Rock and Roll, and the Mark of the Best from the Bible.

It appears that this video is being shown in conjunction with an upcoming Nashi-lead protest in front of the United States Embassy - Moscow on November 2. If so this mark a big turning point. Before Nashi propaganda has taken on NATO allies and Ukraine while only lightly attacking the United States. Now, it directly blames the United States for the above and more. This had to be approved by the top in Moscow. Whether this means Prime Minister Putin thinks he has a freer hand to attack the United States or President Dmitry Medvedev, once thought as weak, is really hard core is yet to be seen. Either way, Russia is upping its propaganda and chest beating.


Unknown said...

this is very stupid propaganda indeed. To bad some things are facts:
- the USA gained lot's of money from WOII (mostly by selling weapons to England)

- the USA is partly responsible of the economic problems of Russia in the 90ies.

To bad you don't use this blog to think WHY Russians are so angry with the USA. It isn't just envy (otheriwse they should be angry at south-east asia too). We will need Russia in the future with all their oil- and gasreserves, strange nobody takes an effort to understand Russia.

Catholicgauze said...

That's wrong. That is like claiming hospitals cause heart attacks because they get money. Too many Americans and Soviets died in World War II to even justify the claim either one of them plotted the war. 2) What about the Soviet Union's and Russia's responsibility for their mess. Maybe if they didn't run gulags and kill more people than the Nazis, the Cold War wouldn't have been needed.

I try to study Eurasian affairs the best I can. The current Russian administration is a reason why the world needs alternative sources of fuel. I await the day Russian can join the world democracries as an equal and friend.

Unknown said...

What's wrong?

I'm not talking about the current administration, they understand how to protect the nation causes (and to oppress anything that doesn't suit them).
I was talking about the Jeltsin-administration that was stupid enough to open up Russia for kapitalism without protecting Russians against the greed of (mostly American) multi-nationals.

I really don't understand how you can compare this with hospitals. The way global capitalism works is not a natural law, it is mostly promoted this way by American politics.

I didn't claim anybody stating WOII, I won't ever claim Russia under Stalin did a good job. Why do you bring there open doors in?
A lot of people died on WOII, most of them were Russians. I won't state USA waited with the invasions on purpose 'till the Russians almost defeated the Germans (allthough I understand a lot of Russians will believe this).

My main point is this:
I mostly don't agree with the Russians. The only thing I agree with is that they have a hard job because nobody in the west really tries to understand them. If you would really study Russia you would understand why Putin is so popular (even though he is very close to a dictator), and why it only makes him stronger if others critize him.