Friday, August 31, 2007

More Remains of the Second Temple Found?

Diggers laying in a pipe under for the Al-Aqsa mosque may have uncovered a wall belonging to the Second Temple of Jerusalem. Expect tons of controversy from this.

The site of the Temple Mount plays a big role in religious geography. To the Jews it is the location of the holy temples which were the center of the universe for priestly Judaism. The military victory of the Romans under Titus destroyed the temple and begun the quick end of priestly Judaism. The last remaining confirmed part of the Second Temple is the Western Wall.

Many Orthodox and some Conservative Jews support the creation of a third temple on Temple Mount. Standing in the way of their goal are the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque. It is at the dome where Muslims believe Muhammad briefly traveled metaphysically into heaven.

For years access to the Dome of the Rock and Western Wall have been hotly debated between at first Israelis and Jordanians then Palestinians. Halting construction of a Muslim project to investigate something Jewish, while archaeologically sound, will not help the geopolitical situation. Riots in the past have occurred because of similar archaeological claims and digs.

It is said the fifth gospel is the land of Israel itself. If true, it is certainly the most contested and fought over piece of "good news."

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