Saturday, March 03, 2007

Switzerland invades Liechtenstein

For too long Switzerland worked while Liechtenstein fiddled away time. As Liechtensteiners went along with their daily lives, little did they know that jealous and envious eyes watched and studied them. Then, like a thief in the night, over 100 Swiss soldiers snuck across the border and the rest is history.

Actually, Switzerland's troops accidentally crossed the border and quickly retreated after they noticed their mistake. Both countries are downplaying the incident and this story is being placed in the trivia of history pile.

The incident becomes more hilarious when one knows the history of Switzerland and
Liechtenstein. Switzerland has a serious military program but for centuries practiced neutrality. Switzerland is so neutral that it only recently joined the United Nations. Liechtenstein got rid of its military in 1868 because it cost too much and has relied on Switzerland to provide guidance in foreign affairs. With very libertarian banking laws Liechtenstein is Switzerland's Switzerland.

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